Friday, March 30, 2018



At 09:00am the guest students arrived in Herzogenrath.I was very nervous because a lot of new people came from other cultures, from other countries and people I didn’t see before. The students gave them a tour of their school. After that everyone prepared the room and they gave a presentation of every school to the other students. They also made mixed groups and they had to design and build a multinational house. In the afternoon everyone ate lunch at school and had a break afterwords. Later at the very end of the day some students went to eat something in the pizzeria Gelazzo together with the teachers. Outside it started to snow and it became really cold
(-15 degrees)  and the spanish students were very cold but the finish students didn’t feel the cold.


On Tuesday the students made an excursion to Cologne, to visit the sport museum. The teachers met
the students on the train station. In the museum were many medals and statues. It was very interesting  and fascinating. You could do some sports by yourself like broad jump. They were originaly going to go to a markt and sell self cooked food, but that was cancelled due to the weather being way too bad. After the museum the students also went shopping. Everyone wanted to buy gifts and goodies to remember this trip to Germany.


We started the day with a healthy breakfast. After that the students went to Aachen and made a tour in which they had to answer questions, it was fun. The next thing they did was to visit the Elisenbrunnen. It was amazing.

After that they visited the Elisenbrunnen they visited the Dome of Aachen. It was really big and interesting. After that day everyone was tired of walking but everyone had fun.


On Thursday morning the students did some sports with sport teachers in the gym. The two topics of the workshop in the gym were ,,learning with movement and learning through movement’’. After that all students prepared the presentation for friday. So we had to make mixed groups: 1 spanish student, 1 finish student, 1 student from Cologne and 1-2 students from Herzogenrath.


The day started with the presentations of the whole week.
After the presentation some of us prepared the food and the others prepared the room for the party
At 15:00 p.m the party started and we played games, ate something and talked together. The party ended at 17:00 p.m.

- Jean-Pierre Jaegers, Herzogenrath, Germany

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