Friday, February 1, 2019


Each school arrived at different times to Ibi. We were hosting Finnish students who were coming at 6:30 p.m., we came to the school to pick up them, we went home and helped them to install themselves. Then we all met and went for a walk around the town so that they could saw it.
We went to many places such as main squares, parks, stores and also spanish typical “locales” that are kinda premises we hire with friends with the aim to have a warm place to stay during winter.
We had dinner in our respectives houses.

We went to school at 8 a.m., we did a tour around the school, and we worked in our blog and videos during the morning.
We had lunch around 2 p.m., we had some cheese, ham and kinda sausages. Of first course we had macaroni with tomato sauce and tangerines.
In the afternoon we went to Alcoy to the shopping centre, we had a lot of fun.
We had dinner in our houses.

We went to school at 8 a.m. and we kept working on the blog.
We had a stew for first course, for second course we had ham and cheese croquettes and yogurts for dessert.
After lunch we went to the Toy’s Museum in Ibi.
Furthermore, in the afternoon, we done differents things. Some of us went to a house and watched a film and the other ones came to have “merienda” to a cafĂ©.
We had dinner in our houses.

We went to school at 8 a.m. and kept working in the blog.
At 12 a.m. we went to Alicante. There we went to the beach, Alicante’s esplanade, port, and shopping centre. It was a very cool day.

It was an special day in school it was Don Bosco’s party, so we went to school later (at 9 a.m). First we had a kind of mass in the theatre, then we spent the morning playing games. At 2p.m. we had a sausages sandwich for lunch.
At 4 p.m. we saw a play made by mothers of the school, it was pretty funny and entertaining.
Later, at 6 p.m. we went to the “Casal Jove” that is a centre in where are multiple games for the children to play. We played lots of game and we also have merienda (snack)/ dinner there.

At the morning we went to the school for seeing the videos and for adding some articles  in the Erasmus Web. Before we had lunch, we went to the town hall and after this we ate paella in the cantine, all the foreign students love paella!
In the afternoon some students went to Alicante and the rest stayed in the town.

Last day, german students left in the very early morning and the finnish ones left at 3:50 p.m.
It was really sad because we all knew that this was the last time we saw each other  (hope it was not).
We all have such a great time here!

-Pablo Serrano & Elena Valls, Ibi, Spain.


On January 27th 2019 I travelled to Spain by plane. When we arrived there I was very nervous because it was my first time with a host family and I never called my host family or saw their faces before. When I arrived to Ibi, I saw many people and I didn’t know who were my host family and then...I found them! Well...they found me. They nearly asked all people who was I and then they found me! After that we talked a little bit about the trip and they took me home, well“home”.

They asked me if I wanted something to eat and of course I said..YES! I was very hungry! In the afternoon Laura, my host sister, and I went to visit Ibi.

The next day I woke up at 7:00 am and took a bath, but...THE WATER WAS VERY COLD! So I told them that I wanted to take a bath but I couldn’t because of the water and they explained me how to make the water warmer. Apparently I had to wait some minutes until the water was warm. I waited 10 years and nothing happened! So I just showered with cold water. In the school I met more people and made friends but that is not that interesting. In the afternoon we went bowling but...the bowling was too small for more than 20 people, so we went to the shopping center instead.

And that was all. I know that it looks like everything is negative but that is not true, because i spend a great time with all students and my host family :).
-Thema, Herzogenrath, Germany


The Salesianos’ school from Ibi hosts in the week from the 27th of january to the 2nd of february a group of 17 students and 6 teachers from two german schools (Colonia and Herzogenrath) and one finnish school (Parainen) on the project Erasmus+ MOVE: Be a learning hero.

This is the last meeting of students and teachers on this project, wich tries to make the people learn by the using of the movement, a healthy lifestyle and the new technologies.
On these working days, the students had been editing the videos that they had been working on the videos they had been preparing since the other meetings, doing the dubbling of them in english and creating a blog in wich they want to stating constancy of all the work thay have been doing in the two years of duration of this project.

The ending of the project will be at Ibi on the month of may, where the teachers will be meet for the last time to evaluate the working of the students and the results.
It has been a really useful experience for all the families who hosted  someone and the teachers and students who have been working really hard.

This kind of projects supported by the European Union are really important and useful as they make easier the integration between nations from a very young age, they feed the interculturality between lots of different countries and the tolerance of the differences, promoting an european identity, beyond the borders
- Diana Gomez, Ibi, Spain


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Yesterday, 31. of january 2019, we came to school on 9 o`clock to have a party about Don Bosco. In the morning there were much to eat and to drink like cacao and bread. As Lunch we got a sandwich and a drink we chose, I chose Coca Cola. There was also a dessert in a classroom, like croissants and little cakes, which looks like little Don Bosco`s. They build up some sport stations for the younger childs, my position was on a sack race with Javier. The stations were there about 1 or 2 hours, after that we went home by car and we just played fortnite some time.

On 20 o`clock we arrived to ‘’Casal Jove’’ where everyone was going to eat. Javier and me were the last visitors, we came too late (caused of playing fortnite). I ate something like a bread with chocolate, an apple and many chips! I drank something that looked like water but it was something else, I don`t remember the name, but it wasn`t bad. After eating we all were playing something, because we were in something like a gaming center. Some guys played kicker, some other dudes played billiard, and I was the most time playing Mario kart on a Wii U. On like 21:30 o`clock we went away from there to Javier`s home and I were looking some Youtube while he was doing something boring, but I didn`t remember what.
-Leon, Cologne, Germany

Yesterday, January 31, 2019, we came to school at 9:00 to host a party on Don Bosco. it started with a church service. I had to go to a penalty kick with Victor (host family), I was the keeper and then we had to catch the balls, then we all ate a sausage sandwich and a cake with Don Bosco's head and we all talked. Afterwards we went home and slept a bit because then we went to a youth center where we met all the others including the teachers, we played pinball, billiards and Mario Cart we had a lot of fun and the teachers, then We all went home to sleep but victor and I played a few round billiards.
- Schahin, Cologne, Germany

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


At first it was weird staying with a family you didn’t really know. You couldn’t speak your own language and it was quite hard at first but you got used to it. The culture is very different and I still think it’s weird to wear shoes inside because in Finland we take them off. My host family has been very nice and welcoming and I’ve had so good time with them. I think this is going to be a great week.
-Oona, Parainen, Finland

In the beginning it is weird to live at some strangers’ house because you don’t know their culture and their manners. Sometimes you don’t know even their language. But after a few days you get used to it and you are familiar with their routine. Of course, on the one hand you miss your family and your friends at home but on the other hand you don’t want that the week finishes. 
- Michelle, Herzogenrath, Germany

I am staying in a host family in Ibi, Spain. It is my first time in Spain! When I arrived I was a little bit nervous but all in all I was happy. My host family was very nice to me, I think they were a little bit nervous too. But we understood each other quickly and after that I really liked them. We talked about our countries, the weather, the food and some other stuff like games, for example Fortnite. I also played Fortnite with them: Our Squad tried to win, but we got no chance. It was cool.
- Leon, Cologne, Germany

When I was standing at my host family's apartment for the first time, my first thought was " This is so cool! I can actually see a real spanish house with real spanish traditions. This is my dream!" Now I have already stayed there for two whole days and my thoughts are still the same. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and I love my host family. I'm looking forward to this week. It's going to be great.
-Jasmin, Parainen, Finland

This was my first trip to anywhere far, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was surprised how much different Spain is from Finland. I stay in my friend's house, and we had already talked about some small things here in Spain. Like not taking shoes off, and that is for me very weird. When I came to the house the first time I was so amazed, in a good way. My host family and their house is lovely and wonderful, the week is going to be awesome.
-Christa, Parainen, Finland

I flew for the first time by plane and it was really exciting. In Ibi, everything is so different from my hometown. For example, in Finland, we don't wear shoes inside the houses. The language is also different, I can't understand a word these people are saying. The weather is so much warmer and I like the weather in Ibi better than in Finland. This trip is interesting and I have learned much in here, I'm so happy to be a part of this project.
-Hilla, Parainen, Finland


When we first saw the guests, we were kind of nervous because it was the first time that we host someone (at least for most of us).
When the German guys came at 15:30 we were all waiting for them, hyped and looking to their faces, trying to recognize our guests.
After 5 minutes, we were all with our guests and ready to go home and show them our life.

When we got home it was a strange situation because everything was new for them and they were really “scared’’. Also some of us were nervous, especially those hosting for the first time.

We had to ask them and offer them everything since they didn’t want to talk quite much due to the strange and new situation that we were all involved in.

After around half an hour everything was ready. Most of us (hosts and guests) were playing Fortnite althouhg our guests were REALLY tired. We had a lot of fun, as we are all so good at playing videogames. At 18:30, we met in “milsabores’’ (a candy shop)  to have a walk and show them our town, since they didn’t know much about it. We were walking almost for an hour, going to lots of places in town, until we got into a spanish “local” (a kind of club), where we spent some time having fun and listening to music.

 After all of that, we had another walk to the church, for no reason, we just wanted to show them the town. We spent some time there, and when we got tired, we went to our houses, as we had to go to the school the next day (obviously!). Once there we had dinner and went to bed, where we instantly fell asleep.

After lunch we were still working .
In the afternoon we met and we were supposed to go bowling but there’s no bowling alley in Alcoy, so we decided to visit the mall where we had dinner.

In Alcoy, we spent almost three hours walking throught the mall, doing things that we like and this kind of stuff, as we didn’t have anything better to do. We went to have dinner because we were so hungry. Some people decided to eat in Burger King because it’s cheaper. Others thought quality is much better than price, and also there wasn’t a big difference between the prices of Burger King and The Good Burger, and some others decided to try Cien Montaditos, a spanish restaurant.

Afterwards, we met in the mall’s entrance at 20:30 to go to the bus station. The bus station was far away so we had to hurry to catch the bus. When we got home, we were much more tired than we were the day before, so we had a shower, we went to our beds and fell asleep (not everyone, others thought that watching TV was more productive than sleeping).

Today (Tuesday) we woke up, had our breakfast and our stuff done. After that we came to school, talked to each other, had fun for some time and then started doing this blog, as this is the task we have to do today.