Thursday, September 27, 2018


At first, when we arrived at the Finnish school, what surprised us was that students didn’t have to
wear shoes. For us it was surprising that people in Finland have a different timetable comparing to
ours, for example, the times to the meals. Here in Spain we usually have lunch at 2.p.m/3.p.m and
in Finland they have lunch at 11:30a.m./12.p.m. Finally, we want to talk about the weather because
it’s so different, the weather in Finland it´s colder than here in Spain, there´s a difference around 10
degrees there. But we love Finland because it´s a very beautiful country with a lot of lakes, trees
and houses, and also the people was fantastic.
-Diana Gómez and Andrea Granero/ IBI, Spain

It was a long flight but we were so excited anyways. We had to leave at 4 a.m. from Ibi to take the flight, we arrived to Finland at 6 p.m. Our host family was waiting for us in Turku. After this each one went with their family.
The first day was a bit strange because we didn’t know anyone but at the second day we built confidence in ourselves, we start to meet everyone and make new friends.
It was an amazing experience; we improved our english, we did a lot of activities (like swimming in the lake), we learned Finnish culture and customs and we made lots of friends with who some of them are planning a meeting next summer in Spain.
-Pablo Serrano and Elena Valls, Ibi, Spain.

The spanish students at Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Students spending time in the woods.

Group photo from finnish school.

Spanish students in harbour in Nauvo.

Swimming in cold sea in Finland

Going to Nauvo by a ferry.

Students spending time in Nauvo.

Spanish students are leaving to airport.

Finnish students are already missing their friends.

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