Friday, February 1, 2019


On January 27th 2019 I travelled to Spain by plane. When we arrived there I was very nervous because it was my first time with a host family and I never called my host family or saw their faces before. When I arrived to Ibi, I saw many people and I didn’t know who were my host family and then...I found them! Well...they found me. They nearly asked all people who was I and then they found me! After that we talked a little bit about the trip and they took me home, well“home”.

They asked me if I wanted something to eat and of course I said..YES! I was very hungry! In the afternoon Laura, my host sister, and I went to visit Ibi.

The next day I woke up at 7:00 am and took a bath, but...THE WATER WAS VERY COLD! So I told them that I wanted to take a bath but I couldn’t because of the water and they explained me how to make the water warmer. Apparently I had to wait some minutes until the water was warm. I waited 10 years and nothing happened! So I just showered with cold water. In the school I met more people and made friends but that is not that interesting. In the afternoon we went bowling but...the bowling was too small for more than 20 people, so we went to the shopping center instead.

And that was all. I know that it looks like everything is negative but that is not true, because i spend a great time with all students and my host family :).
-Thema, Herzogenrath, Germany

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