Wednesday, January 30, 2019


The first day I was so nervous and excited at the same time because I didn´t know Roni very much,         but on Monday i had  the opportunity to spend time with  him. Today we are having a good time and we are speaking more than the other days. I hope we will know each other more during the week and have funny moments together.
-Pablo, Ibi, Spain.

I came to Finland last September so I had already meet Christa before she came to Spain. However, it’s always strange when someone you don’t really know stays in your house for a week. The first day was really cool (even though it’s not usual) because she was very happy and the first meeting with my family was so nice. She is well behaved and she very nice and sweet, so it’s a pleasure for us to host her at our home. I’m improving my English a lot, and the most important, I’m doing it having a lot of fun! I’m so happy and I think the rest of the week will be amazing.
-Elena, Ibi, Spain

When Jeremy (my partner) arrives to my school I felt nervous because it was the first time that I welcome someone in my house. When I spoke the first time with Jeremy I got relaxed and I felt tranquility. Now we´re getting fun together and we play PS4 and we laugh a lot. I´m starting to learn more English with Jeremy even I learn some words in Finish and German.
- Santi Mariel, Ibi, Español

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